What’s in a good person?

I wish there was a formula for being a good person. I would love to be able to just read a book that would tell you how to be a good person. Okay, sure, there’s the bible, qur’an, new testament, old testament, and maybe a Dr. Phil self-help book, but I’m not that naive to believe any of those things. But wouldn’t it be great if I could just buy or receive a book on how to be a good person, follow it, and then just “be good”.

I think one of the few things that make me a good person is that I constantly question whether or not I have reached “good person” status. I constantly relive events of my past to determine if I made the best choices, said the best thing, done the best action in those situations. I try not to let these theoretical conversations overwhelm me, but I think the constant struggle to be better, makes me good.

With that, I know that some of my actions in the past have been really shitty. I have not always been the best person I could be, crippled with self-doubt, fear of rejection, arrogance, and austerity. But those situations in my past have made me better, because I would make better choices if they happened again, and I have.

I just want to know what it is to be a good person. Maybe I don’t have to be a good person. I just have to be a better me.

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