It’s Okay To Be Scared (Of Midterm Election Results)

As a trans* queer person, I am scared.

I am scared for the future. I am scared for my future. I am scared for the lives of trans* individuals.

I am scared for public education being dominated by conservative agendas. A little child in Missouri, finding themself a different gender than the one assigned at birth, will never feel safe in a bathroom. A child who just feels not right in the world will never be opened to the possibility that other people experience their difference, as well. Without articulation, the child may never be able to find the words to describe their brain.

I am scared for limited access to live saving trans* surgeries and medicine. The parents, poor, unable to either process their child’s identity, gender, expression, or in the other case, unable to afford surgeries to make their child whole. Without proper counseling, trans* and queer individuals, on average, are more likely to commit suicide. I fear for a possible lack of future for my community.

But with fear comes urgency. The exigency to organize, rally, support, love, and protest hurtful, shameful policies that will be implemented. To garner allies, introduce them, help them understand what makes us feel safe, and work together to end all social injustices.

With fear comes power. And we shall not back down.

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