I’m sorry I called you a Racist (and other silly apologies)

Dear Relative,

I would like to make a formal apology for asserting that you were a “racist”, “homophobic”, or “sexist”. Sometimes I forget that using historically inflammatory language towards a group of people can be offensive, and I am so sorry to ascribe you a label that you don’t believe describes you.

Even through your anti-semitic, anti-black rant, there was no reason for me to go so far as to call you a “racist”. That term has connotations of ignorance, and should not be thrown around lightly. It is extremely loaded, and offensive, towards many people who wish they could be race behind them, and I am so sorry for confronting you for your belief in “just how reality is.”

When you decided to call me a f*ggot, I am so sorry for referring to you as “homophobic”. I should have realized that you are for gay marriage and “even sat through the gay storylines in Game of Thrones.” Of course, you aren’t homophobic! Further, when you said you were “afraid to bend over near me”, I should have known that you “didn’t really mean it”. “I was just joking” should have made it clear to me that you are not homophobic.

And how could I even begin to assume that you were “sexist”? Just because you asserted that women should be in the kitchen and that women are naturally more emotional and fragile than men, does not mean that you are a “sexist”. Your aversion to reading books by female authors is just really stating the truth that women don’t write as well as men, which I should have realized if I wasn’t so ignorant. You can’t be a sexist, I mean you think that Hillary Clinton could be President as long as she is through menopause.

I will make a strong effort to not use the terms “racist”, “homophobic”, or “sexist” to describe you or your politically-driven rants. I should have realized that, since you have a black friend, a queer brother, and love your sister, OF COURSE you aren’t any of those things. I am so sorry that I truly offended you and how your view yourself.



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